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vFire Battery - Gun Metal by Claw Concentrates. Share your location to get the most relevant content and products around you.

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Locate the battery compartment door on the bottom cover of The Claw. Loosen the screw from the battery compartment door with your phillips head screwdriver. Edit What is atomizer leakage? Most vapers have experienced the problem of an atomizer leaking or flooding. Leakage means that e-juice will flow out even without any cracks of the model.

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Claw Vfire I bought a claw vfire and it didn't come with instructions, does anyone have a copy of the guide or can tell me the options for the battery? 3 comments In this blog we will review how to lock and unlock a vape pen. The Vaporbrothers Dabbler Vape Pen was used to make the instruction video and is a common EGO style battery. This method of unlocking works with most vape pens on the market today. We carry a full stock of ultra-portable, pen-style, disposables and pod mods. Whether you are looking for the newest Yihi Mi Class or a Mojo disposable mod, we've got you covered. We also have Vandy Vape, Artery, OneVape, Pioneer4You using Yihi's chips, Asvape, Suorin, Smart Vape, Justfog, Tab Sticks, Aspire, and ALD.

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