Nuclear war simulator

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But, unlike real nuclear war, it's always a ton of fun! I only have one quick recommendation. When you first get the game, you may be tempted to immediately start cutting out the population cards (which are printed on an 8"x12" piece of card stock).

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Nuclear War. Simulator. 1.1. andrew.brusentsov. Experience the power of nuclear weapons. Discover the consequences of nuclear war.This is a simple simulation of the nuclear war....

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While these experiments don’t create nuclear yield, they provide data that, combined with theory, modeling, simulation tools, and other focused experiments, underwrite the confidence in the Nation’s nuclear deterrent. Hydrodynamic testing gives scientists vital data about what happens during a nuclear detonation. Crave TV: Defcon, the nuclear war simulator Everybody likes a nice game of global thermonuclear war. Now's your chance to play God in this rather chilling nuclear war simulation for PC...

Nuclear war simulator is a detailed realistic simulation and visualization of large-scale nuclear conflicts with a focus on humanitarian consequences. There are currently over 13000 nuclear weapons on this planet of which over 9000 are in military stockpiles.