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New River Honey Bees - Honey Bee Queens and NUCs for Sale, Beekeeping . ... 2019 Artificially Inseminated Martha Carpenter Mite Mauler Breeder Queen. (not for sale) Mauler. Starting at 6th level, you gain an extra attack. Additionally, your bite deals 1d10 piercing damage, and your claws deals 2d8 slashing damage. Relentless Rage. Starting at 10th level, your rage can keep you from reverting to humanoid form, and keep you fighting despite grievous wounds.

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NO ORDERS OVER 5 Queens in any combination or variety of Queen Bees! I am NOT a mega breeder nor a re-seller! I raise all my sale queens here at my home, so availability of large orders is NOT possible. Thank You. Queen bees are 1 Queen Bee and 6 to 8 worker bees in the small 3 hole introduction cage. THEY ARE NOT FOR STARTING A COLONY!

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