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CloudWatch/Athena - valid metrics and dimensions.. #28436, @kwarunek; Dashboard links: Places drop down list so it’s always visible. #28330, @maknik; Graph: Fix for graph size not taking up full height or width. #28314, @jackw; Loki: Base maxDataPoints limits on query type. #28298, @aocenas; Loki: Run instant query only when doing metric query.

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Quickly re-run queries You can attempt to re-use the results from a previously run query to help save time and money in the cases where your underlying data isn't changing. Set the cache_size parameter of cursor.execute () to a number larger than 0 to enable cacheing.To search for an activity or function (in or outside a chart), type a few letters of the name of the activity but don’t press the enter key right away. After a moment, a list of matching Epic activities will pop up. You can also highlight a word with your mouse, right-click and select “Search for Selected Word.”

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Nov 20, 2020 · Specify the filter by selecting the appropriate fields and select the Save Query as Virtual Folder button. For more information, see the Virtual Folders article. Notification Queue. Notification Queue allows you to decide what operations you can perform with the items in your queue. For example, you can clear, stop, or restart the queue. I am attempting to query data from the demo table in AWS Athena elb_logs.The connection to the database succeeds, however, if try to query data by using dbReadTable or dbGetQuery R session is abo... At the same cost point as Athena, queries are running much faster and we have had no failures due to volume. We can increase the size of the cluster to increase query speed and add more clusters to increase parallelism. Scaling both ways requires just ~2-3 minutes using Databricks allowing us to react very quickly and in different ways.

Queries running sub-optimally Azure SQL provides Dynamic Management Views on your databases that allow you to quickly identify problematic queries. Follow this documentation to look at the currently running queries and then determine a fix for those queries.