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PID 22 is appropriate to the pressures for injection into the intake manifold, while PID 23 is better Only PID 22 specifies that it is measured relative to manifold pressure, I would not expect that the Not the answer you're looking for? Browse other questions tagged obd-ii fuel-injection pressure...

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Testing for Fuel Pressure on a TBI System. I. Doing Your Homework: Preliminary Checks. Fuel pressure regulator on fuel rail (bottom of the assembly). Photo courtesy of Albertas Agejevas on But this guide can help you with some common problems you're likely to encounter when you think the...

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Line Socket (1) to tighten the fuel line nuts to 30 ± Slb.ft. (4.1 ± 0.7 mkg). Fuel Bypass Valve The fuel bypass valve controls fuel pressure to the fuel injection pump at full speed to a pressure of 30 psi (2.11 kg/cm2 ). FINDING TOP CENTER COMPRESSION POSITION FOR NO.1 PISTON No. 1 piston at top center (TC) on the com­ Toyota 2.2L (20R) & 2.4L (22R), hex Pressure Plate (Clutch Cover) Bolt Kit

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